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This essence was formulated to be a heart-healer, especially soothing after a challenging or traumatic phase in life (uh, hello 2020). These flowers all arrive in the spring, refreshing like spring rain and transient, fading as soon as the summer heat arrives. They comfort us for just that short time, reminding us that we all experience discomfort in life, and that it is only temporary. They support us emotionally and spiritually as we move through that discomfort until we are ready to take the next steps.
-Bleeding Heart Essence 
-Wild Violet Essence
-Star of Bethlehem Essence
-Lilac Essence
-Rose Quartz Gem Essence 
-Aquamarine Gem Essence 
Coalesce Thumb.JPG.jpg
Sometimes you just need to slow down so that you can align with your purpose before moving on to the next phase in your life. This essence helps you get grounded, organized and poised for growth. Inspired by the Taurus stellium at the time this essence was made, this is an essence intended to be taken for an extended period of time (ideally 2x daily, for a minimum of  two months) alongside your choice of complementary embodiment practice for long-term results. 
-Witch-hobble Flower Essence 
-Moth Orchid Flower Essence 
-Dill Flower Essence 
-Periwinkle Flower Essence 
-Moss Agate Gem Essence 

Credo thumb.JPG.jpg
These are the plants that just keep coming back, year after year. No amount of weeding, harsh weather, or neglect gets these spirits down, they are always coming through with happiness and joy through their bright yellow petals. May they teach you a thing or two about showing up to your commitments with confidence and a passionate flame.  
-Wild Strawberry Flower Essence 
-Dandelion Flower Essence 
-Kale Flower Essence 
-Carnelian Gem Essence 
-Blackberry Brandy 
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