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Slavic Botanical Colors

Program on hiatus


Hedge Riding with Wool & Spindle

Program on hiatus

In-Person Classes


Building a Garden, Creating Community

Thursday, July 11, 2024

9am-10:30am CST

at Handweavers Guild of America: Convergence 2024

Wichita, Kansas



Native Naturals: Exploring natural dyes created from native and invasive resources in the Midwest

Written as a companion to my class also titled Native Naturals, this zine provides insights on Midwestern native and invasive plants that can be used for natural dyeing. 

Saffron Devotional Shawl: Fibercraft in Honor of Hekate 

A 25 page printed guide that I published based on a personal project that I completed in honor of Hekate, referencing the historic saffron-dyed garment she has been depicted in many primary sources like the Greek Magical Papyri. 
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