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Slavic Botanical Colors

Summer course wrapped in August 2022

2023 Dates TBA


Hedge Riding with Wool & Spindle

FALL 2022

Registration closed

In-Person Classes


Winter Wonderment:
Felted Mushroom Ornament

Saturday, December 17, 2022

10am-11:30pm EST

at Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati 

4870 Gray Road, Cincinnati, OH 

2023 Natural Dye for Knitters .jpg

Natural Dye for Knitters

Saturday, January 14, 2023

10am-1pm EST


1010 Hulbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 


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Flower + Gem Essence Blends 

A series of flower and gem essences grown, harvested, and made in ceremony, consisting of three blends: 
-HALCYON: for finding calm after a storm
-COALESCE: for support in designing your life
-CREDO: for moving forward with strength & determination 

Saffron Devotional Shawl: Fibercraft in Honor of Hekate 

A 25 page printed guide that I published based on a personal project that I completed in honor of Hekate, referencing the historic saffron-dyed garment she has been depicted in many primary sources like the Greek Magical Papyri.