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Hedge Riding with Wool & Spindle 

Registration closed

Taught via Zoom

“Sit a spell and spin with me, spin into the dark mystery, with wool and spindle, intent and twine, we cross the hedge and seek the divine.”

With a little history, folklore, and hands-on practice, this is an introductory workshop to using one of the many modalities in fibercraeft--transforming wool into yarn. Spinning, however, is so much more than turning wool into yarn, the process and its symbolism is full of endless discovery. It’s one of the ways I am able to access the great mystery, cross the hedge, and honor that which came before me and that which will come after. 


Highlights of this workshop include: 

-Delving into the lore that surrounds the powers that spin fate from around the world.

-Discussing ways that thread and yarn fit into our magickal workings.

-Understanding how spinning can be a practice to help us connect more deeply with ourselves, our ancestors and the divine.


**Please note that this class IS beginner friendly however, knowing the basics of handspinning with either a drop spindle or supported spindle is required. To learn how to start spinning, feel free to watch my signature Sticks & Stones Learn to Spin class for FREE at IGTV on my Instagram page

Attendance & Accessibility 
I highly recommend attending this class in-person, especially if you would like to ask questions in a live setting. That said, I recognize it can be difficult to schedule, especially if you're tuning in from a different time zone. Therefore I am making the recording available for viewing until Jan 31st, 2023. 

​The class will be taught live via Zoom, if you have any accessibility needs prior to the class, please let me know so that I can arrange for them. My email is listed at the bottom of the page. 

​*By registering for this class you agree to not share the class materials, including the Zoom link, class recording, printed pdfs, resources and other class information outside of the classroom unless you have contacted me for permission first and include proper citation. I want to be clear that this is about ensuring respect for the ancestral lineage of information, not only the info I share from my own practices and experiences, but from my teachers and resources, and through which you become a part of by taking this class.  


To contact me with any questions or info please email me at hello@ 

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