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Saffron Devotional Shawl:

Fibercraft in Honor of Hekate

Learn the backstory behind this project on my blog

A printed guide that I published based on a personal project that I completed in honor of Hekate, referencing the historic saffron-dyed garment she has been depicted in many primary sources like the Greek Magical Papyri. For me, the devotional act of dyeing and knitting the shawl was one that brought me closer to the goddess, and my hope is that making this step-by-step guide will enhance your relationship with her as well--whether you are just reaching out or have an established connection. The guide is easy to follow, leaves plenty of room for incorporating your own practice and beliefs, and the technical fiber techniques are PERFECT for both beginning and advanced dyers and knitters.

In the guide you will learn: 

-History and lore about the goddess Hekate
-Hekate's associations with saffron and marigold
-Instructions for naturally dyeing wool 
-Instructions for knitting the shawl 
-Suggestions for devotional practices and prayer

Please reach out to for inquiries about this project

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