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Like the three sisters, 




We spin our fate.

We spin through life. 


And together we weave, 

warp and weft, 

and become a piece of cloth.

It takes community, 

sustained strength,

and a solid intention. 

And yet, through all this, 

here we stand. 

Twisted together, sticks and stones, 

fire and water, and breath itself.

It is time for us to remember our roots. 

It is time for us to reclaim these sacred practices. 

It is time to mindfully mend and slowly stitch 

back our place in this ancient future trajectory. 

For all of you who hear the call

to craft our way to a better, more kinder world, 

one knit, one purl at a time. 

To get lost in the field foraging, 

to plunge into the dye bath and emerge a more joyous hue.

It's in our hands. 


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