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True Magic

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Spring magic is almost here...but we've still got a few months. Are you getting stir crazy yet? It’s around this time of the year that I REALLY start to feel the tension of the changing of the seasons. I know I personally start to feel energized with lots of new ideas and fresh spring energy, but as I look out the window the snowy garden demands its rest; it’s still time to dwell in the last bit of darkness. This February the feeling has been especially strong. I’m no astrology expert, but between the pile-up of planets in Aquarius around the new moon Mercury Retrograde, and the Saturn-Uranus square, the impatient energy to get moving, while being up against lots of constraints that are preventing us from moving is definitely A THING.

But here’s THE thing, regardless of what’s going on (magically, planetarily, both real and imagined), YOU have the ability to keep showing up to your dreams. The inimitable occultist Dion Fortune has been quoted as saying “magic is the ability to change consciousness at will,” so it is inherently magical to make the decision that despite all the restrictions you encounter, you will continue to show up to your practice, creatively, spiritually, or otherwise with a kind and open heart. I hope that you join me in making this choice everyday, even if the actions you take seem small and insignificant. Doing a five minute meditation, writing a few bullets in your journal, or ten minutes spent organizing that pile of craft supplies, they all add up and move you closer to your goal and push you past the stagnancy of "waiting." Let's keep choosing to commit to our practice, especially on those hard days, because THAT is real magic!

For more reading & inspiration, check out The Practice: Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin.

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