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Spring has arrived!

It's true, spring is finally here, and while the actual Vernal Equinox was last week, it wasn't until yesterday that I fully felt the shift in energy. On the most, I like (heartedly) blame my energy shifts on the astroweather, but I was doing some reflecting and I find it notably important that my ancestors did not necessarily welcome the Spring until the Full Birch moon following the equinox, so in many ways, I am right on course.

When I say shift in energy, this one was more like a momentous gust than a slight shift. I woke up and it felt like suddenly all the weight had been lifted from my shoulders--quite a relief after pulling the 10 of Wands at least once a week for the last few months. I say that without any judgement. This last year has been hard, and it seems like it was a full year of living in a winterized world, so the Spring feeling is beyond welcome.

It was such a noticeable shift, that upon waking I went to take my daily morning dose of my flower essence and my gut stopped me from doing so. I have been taking Sister Spinster's Saturn Return essence (such an amazing blend!) for over the past year and through my Saturn Return, but my intuition made it clear I was ready for a change. I walked over to my drawer where I keep all my essences and other potions and was immediately drawn to a bottle with a purple-colored label and an iris on the front. "Flora" it read, "A flower essence formula for connecting to abundant and divine nourishment." It's perfect. I took 5 drops and felt a wave of contentment flood my body.

It's so funny how our intuition works like this, and I'm admittedly getting better at sensing and listening to it than I have in the past. Always offering the most gentle and perfect guidance, yet it's so subtle it can be easy to miss. I think that's one of the reasons why I like flower essences so much, the energy that they carry can be so subtle, but they are able to support us, especially over long periods of time, with powerful transformations. I know I've found the Saturn Return essence to do this, and I am looking forward to what Flora helps bring as I continue to work with her into the future.

To learn more about Saturn Return and Flora, and other Sister Spinster flower essence blends visit them at

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