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I KNOW / I AM: Thoughts and Images from our Veil Dance, Meditation and Botanical Dye Workshop

I'm coming off an exhilarating full moon in Leo energy, as last night we held the second session in the our two-part workshop, I KNOW / I AM, an exploration in veil dancing, meditation and botanical dyeing. In partnership with PONES, a Cincinnati-based dance company that has a focus on social justice and healing work in the community, we explored the themes of the "root" like security, self-worth and sensuality, all inspired by the vivid red hue created by the madder root plant.

A favorite for literally thousands of years, madder root is enchanting in its wide array of colors from purple to orange, but one cannot deny the allure of the scarlet red it can produce, especially on luscious silk veils. While we kept it candle lit most of the time ( for atmosphere!), it didn't necessarily make for the best of photos, but let me tell you--these veils, people, and shared moments together were nothing less than beautiful.

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