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Getting Earthy

To say that things have been busy as of late would be an understatement. I feel like I’ve been running into the future non-stop, so this past weekend, where I was able to sneak away with my husband and pup to meet my parents out in Hocking Hills State Park and just BE was an absolute dream. Having now been back to the grind for a full day, it truly feels like it was a dream. No internet, no phone service, an away message on my work email, and no constant stream of social notifications. Nothing but pure, uninterrupted nature in all its glory, and wow, was it showing off!

I have been to Hocking Hills before, my husband and I had taken our last dog, Asgard to some of the sights, but were relatively limited because as a great dane he didn’t do well with stairs, many of which the most scenic trails required. We had gone during July and it was HOT but still beautiful, but this trip was STUNNING. We hiked all the sights, down into the river-cut stone gorges and the steep, waterfall cliffs covered in moss, ferns, and spring wildflowers. Again, a dream.

The spring ephemerals are my absolute favorite. I have such a big heart for plant spirits, a spring birth myself (Gemini), these beauties and I felt like kin; Trilliums, Squirrel Corn, and May apples. Descending and then rising out the caves felt like enacting the mythos of the Great Eleusinian mysteries in a way. I could hear the echo of the rushing water, the taste of cool mist of the water falling off the ridge, the brilliant greenery that carpeted the earth, the smell of sweet pollen, the rough bark of the trees, and a sense of knowing and nourishment. I came home with a tired body, but renewed energy.

Is there much of a point to this post aside from bragging about/reflecting upon my quick getaway last weekend? Probably not, to be fair; however, I think it was a fitting transition into Taurus season (which started today), which allows us to take the time to slow down and enjoy everything with all of our senses. To feel grounded and embody the energy of the nurturing earth. How might you use the next few weeks to explore this energy in your life?

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