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Embodying the Queen of Cups

If you read my last post, you are already aware that my card for the year is the Queen of Cups. She is a favorite of mine, so you can imagine the joy I felt turning her card over within my yearly spread on the table.

Dreamy, intuitive, full of wisdom. She is capable of creating powerful waves, but chooses to appear like a still, serene lake or quiet stream. She is creative and nurturing, inspiring growth and healing. She leads with softness.

She really is an aspirational card for me, so I asked my highest self how best can I carry her energy into the new year, and the answer I received was..."music." So here it is, a Queen of Cups-inspired playlist to listen to throughout the year and help me embody all the positive qualities our queen inspires. Feel free to give it a listen whenever you feel the need to call upon the Queen's energy yourself. May our compassion overflow.

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