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Pająki: Festive Folk Mobiles 

Saturday, January 7, 2023 10am-12pm
@ Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati 
4870 Gray Rd, Cincinnati, OH 

Class Fee: FREE  *Registration closed 


Experience Level: Beginner 

Class Limit: 10  

 Learn about the colorful, charming practice of creating pająki, a folk craft from Poland made from paper, string and straw. Pająki translates to “Spiders” in English and there is lots of folklore that accompany this fun and easy craft. Participants will learn how to make a simple pająk, using techniques for folding and cutting paper, creating floral/pom-pom shapes, and constructing the design of the mobile, which they can then hang in their own home to bring happiness and good luck.

*This class is part of the Roc Day activities for the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati.

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