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Winter Wonderment: Felted Mushroom Ornament 

Saturday, December 17, 2022 10am-11:30am
@ Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati 
4870 Gray Rd, Cincinnati, OH 

Class Fee: $25  + 
$5 materials fee = $30

Experience Level: Beginner 

Class Limit: 10  (SOLD OUT) 

Learn about the surprising connections the enchanting red and white spotted mushroom has with holiday traditions while needle-felting your own.

It's the most wonderful/stressful time of the year, so get out those holiday season frazzles by taking an hour and a half out of your schedule and stab, stab, stab your way to the most adorable little mushroom ornament. This step-by-step class will lead you through the simple construction of soft sculpture using needle-felted wool while you hear the tales and folklore associated with the famed fairy toadstool, the amanita muscaria mushroom. Whether you hang it on your tree or gift it to a friend, you'll leave this class with lots of winter wonderment and the basics of needle-felting to construct other creations of your own.

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