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Flax-to-Linen Demo

Saturday, May 20, 2023 12pm-2pm
@ Wave Pool's GRASSROOM
at the corner of Township and Colerain 
Cincinnati, OH 


Learn about the magic of turning flax into linen. This educational demonstration will introduce you to the storied flax plant, the multi-step process from harvesting to stooking, to retting andbraking, scutching and hackling, and finally spinning of linen thread. All materials and tools will be available, giving you a hands-on experience of processing the fiber. We'll also talk about the current work of the Rust Belt Fibershed's Linen Project,  and effort to develop the support for a bioregional linen economy within 250 miles of Cleveland, Ohio. 

*This demo corresponds with the Rust Belt Fibershed's One Year, One Outfit exhibition at Wave Pool Gallery in Cincinnati which runs May 13-June 17. 

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